E Commerce & Retail services – The increase in consumer demand for online purchases will fuel future revenue growth across all B2B and B2C transactional   E-commerce sectors from retail through financial services to travel and more.

The question for you, is how will you maintain continued growth in your online and multichannel sales as your competitors improve and online competition increases?

The answer for that question is Digital Corsel.

Services we provide

  • Site creation and management
  • Blog creation
  • SEO services
  • Promotions
  • Social media activities
  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Product reviews


  • Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products.
  • Buying/selling 24/7.
  • More reach to customers, there is no theoretical geographic limitations.
  • Low operational costs and better quality of services.
  • No need of physical company set-ups.
  • Easy to start and manage a business.
  • Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically.


Site creation and management

Now you can have your own E-commerce website at a reasonable cost.

we DIGITAL CORSEL provide web designing and developing services.

Where our team brings web designers, programmers, web marketers, and IT professionals at your service at an affordable cost. Now you can have your own E-commerce website at a reasonable cost. Our menu of services is Of both comprehensive and flexible, with the ability to be tailored to your Specific requirements.

Digital Corsel is best web design company in Bangalore is making headways in Customized Web enabled Services & Solutions in the areas of Website Design, Web Development, Implementation of Web Software and Digital marketing

Best web design company in Bangalore in the modern web world a well designed website is the most important asset for any business, provided managing the website does not become a liability. With decade long experience and knowledge of emerging trends Digital Corsel responsive web design team offers unique options to the clients that will stand the test of time even when the technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed.

Come to us with your requirements and we will help you to get the required results within no time.


How to use?

  • We will review your requirements and discuss website needs and challenges.
  • Our Service Plan will be customized for the necessary routine tasks that will keep your system steady and running, and we improve your website on a monthly basis.
  • Reconfigure the Service Plan to better suit your daily or monthly requirements.
  • A utilization report is provided to you each month to keep you up to date and to show progress.


Creating an e-commerce site can be one of the most profitable moves you could ever make, but an issue that a lot of other sites have had is how to properly market it. If you can’t properly market it, then you won’t be able to find new customers and the site will fail. So we will help you with the following services

  • Market-Savvy Custom Web Design
  • Mobile Responsive option
  • E commerce to sell Online
  • Google & Analytics integration
  • Professional Website Content Layout
  • Social media & Email marketing
  • Essential search Engine Optimization
  • Blog or News Page
  • Interactive Image & Video gallery
  • Categorized Products & Services
  • Setting up & managing accounts on top social media websites
  • Create buzz and build brand loyalty for you
  • Increase engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of social votes and followers.


Why do we need blog?

  • You want traffic to your site. Blogging generates traffic for your site. Everybody understands the first part, but surprisingly few businesses grasp the second part.
  • Blogging is a great way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business. You shouldn’t treat it as an unnecessary luxury. Even infrequent posts can help your business.
  • Blogging allows you to create content that demonstrates your expertise beyond unproven assertions. It also positions you as a more trusted authority relative to your competitors.

About what you can post in a blog?

  • The story of your founding: the history, the vision, and the growth
  • Your products: where it came from, how it’s made, and its special features
  • Tutorials for how to use your products
  • Announcements for a sale
  • Events you’re running or participating in
  • Advice on products, not just your own
  • Company updates
  • Developments in the industry
  • Something fun you found on the web. It could but doesn’t have to relate to your products.


      Why E commerce sites need SEO services?

SEO For Your E-Commerce Site Is No Longer Optional

  • SEO Is Crucial For Helping Customers Find You
  • Is A Cost-Effective Way To Grow Your Business
  • SEO’s Effects Are Long-Lasting, Making It A Great Investment
  • SEO is the lifeline of online marketing.


  • Promotions using digital marketing can be measured.
  • It will reach more customers compared to natural promotions
  • Cost effective
  • Target customers
  • Eco friendly

Social media activities

Promoting through social media is very effective and useful.

  • Wide reach
  • Customer can give Reviews about your products
  • Increases loyalty
  • An image talks more than 1000 words
  • Can also promote through social media channels
  • Increase brand value

Paid advertising

Advertising through paid campaigns are one of the best way to grab your competitors traffic or new customer who is
searching for a product.

  • You can show your product ad so that he can visit your site and directly buy.
  • Increases visitors
  • Can track the results
  • Cost effective

Content marketing

It’s not the best content that wins, it’s the best promoted content

  • Content will increase the brand awareness
  • Increase brand value
  • Good position in search engine result page


  • Reviewing the products on mediums like YouTube, Facebook, and other sites will increase the trust(brand loyalty)
  • Brings more traffic
  • More conversions will happen
  • Cost effective


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