Digital Marketing for Real Estate


One of the most important factors that makes digital marketing popular in the modern real estate industry is its right reach at affordable prices using various channels.

Social Media Marketing,
E-mail Marketing,
Mobile Marketing.

Gone are the days where consumers lack transparency into a market that once used to confuse and perplex everyday average individuals looking to buy or sell a home. That’s why digital marketing is important for real estate market.

Digital marketing is gaining hold with developers who have realized that homebuyers are finding it convenient to explore various options virtually before physically checking out the short-listed properties.
The latest trends have shown that it is mandatory for every real estate organization to have an online presence, which must be optimized via digital marketing communication mix.

According to Realtor, 90% of home buyers search online during the process of seeking for a property and the percentage of consumers searching for information relating to real estate on Google has increased by 253% over the last 4 years.


Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Use appropriate software that streamlines online marketing.
  • Write proper content for website.
  • Optimise website in all possible way and also increase the visibility using different techniques:-
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) :- On-Page SEO,Off-page SEO.
  • SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) / PPC ( Pay Per Click).
  • Love Analytics!

There is no need to leave your Gf/Bf for this! But you really need to give some attention to analytics, since it is one of the best way to grow in today’s technology world. With Google Analytics you can easily track your traffic and target your customers accordingly when you have all the analytics in your hand!

Ways To Boost Real Estate Business Using Digital Marketing.

  •  In real estate digital marketing, blog is at the core to create interest, engage, convince and eventually convert the incoming for the trending topic related to real estate market.With blog, we get Two benefits first with relevant and high-quality content we get higher ranks in search engines, and again with content we are able to engage our audience and convert them.
  • Engage Customer wherever possible – Email, Blog, Social Media, Forum.
  • Improve advertising & SEM- Targeting, Budgeting & ROI.
  • Real Estate Video Marketing.
  • Using relevant Keyword and optimizing the trending keyword the website visibility can be increased.
  • Being Mobile friendly is important.Its the app-time, there’s an app for everything today. An app for the boost is mandatory in today’s date.
  • Target all search Engine.
  • In this digital era it is more important to humanize rather then depending upon designs & graphics & technical works. Instead we need to engage directly with audience more through blogs, social media platforms 7 wherever possible.


Things to be avoided while turning an offline business to an online business:


  • A good internet connection is must.
  • Focus on your website, plugins, product designs, widgets then concentrating on technical stuffs.
  • Start a email-list on day1.
  • Visibility on almost all the platforms is very important for branding.


Top Real Estate Company deploying digital marketing:


Sobha Developer:

Sobha Developers from Bangalore holds a strong position in the real estate segment in the digital and social media front. Their website is responsive which is a boost to their search engine ranking. Also their domain is 13years old!


Tata Housing:

Tata Housing is present in almost all the social media panels. Their domain is 8years old! They also have a enquiry form integrated along with a live chat box.


Casa Grande:

This brand from Chennai have a top-class website with every possible details one could ask for. Their domain is 5years old! They also have enquiry form which is static and floating with the phone numbers of all the branches they have.


Urban Tree Infrastructure:

This brand from Chennai have a dynamic social media presence in all the platforms their social media updates are all upto date, their strategy is all sync with all the channels.


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