Does FACEBOOK truly make a major effect on SMM?

Social Media

Facebook – the King of Social Media, how wouldn’t it be able to make a major effect on Social Media Marketing?


Among millions of internet users across the globe, more than 80% users are facebook addicts. At the point when individuals invest a large portion of their energy on facebook, there is no need of an idea of not promoting on such a dynamic social media platform. Let me now put forth few vitalities of Facebook on social media marketing:

  • Facebook is like a bed time coffee. Hence, awareness on any product or service can be availed through time to time updates, postings and sponsored ads..
  • Creation of a facebook page with appropriate , appealing substance and attractive content will lead more traffic to your business website.
  • Facebook is the most commonly used and user friendly social media marketing platform whose traffic growth and activity development has no limits.
  • Build your online reputation by generating leads and by acquiring a large % of conversion rates for your product or service
  • Facebook ads mostly enthusiast the users in availing any new product or service.
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook is very reasonable, justifiable, beneficial as it has wide reach  throughout the world.

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