HELLO Everyone! This is impossible to get popular without an attempt of reach over public. You can only become one by exploring yourselves really hard. In present scenario, it’s not very tough though, when it comes to Social Media. Politics will always remain in charm when it comes to FACEBOOK!

Today, I want to talk to you about FACEBOOK FOR POLITICS!

Facebook is so powerful. Just think about it, more than a billion users. Where are your voters hanging in out? I want you to think about targeting voters. Facebook has a tremendous value when it comes to marketing to voters in your local community. Let’s talk about these factors:

  1. Political Affinity: Use signals from Facebook’s deep engagement with voters to target people based off of predicted political affinity. Do you know who your ideal voter is?
  2. Political Geography: It Geo-target your support base of potential voters by congressional district and more. Think about it… You can pin point your ideal voters by narrow geographical areas. One can easily feel its power.
  3. Political Engagement: Facebook also gives you really accurate information about political engagement. Just tap into political conversation on Facebook by targeting the most likely people to spread political information. You want to find the people who like to share political information.
  4. Voter file matching: Facebook can use the power of identity to put the right message in front of the right voters at the right time with 1:1 vote file matching.




The ability to create audiences seamlessly based on voter file data through Facebook has dynamically changed the way in which targeted victory runs advertising. This enables us to find offline voters from online profiles and target these voters in a way that only paid mail or phones previously could.

                                                                                       ~Michael Beach, co-Founder, Targeted victory.


Facebook is something that you need to talk to us about so that we can get your political strategy rolling so that you get elected.


Let’s go ahead and talk about a case study. Florida Governor used ads on Facebook both link ads and video ads to boost the Hispanic voter turnout in their candidate’s successful bid for a second term, Resulting in 22% increase in Hispanic support and the majority of the Cuban vote. 62% of the target audience reached 22% increase in Hispanic support with 165 gross rating points achieved.


We want you to talk about political marketing from us.


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