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Are you running a business in Bangalore? Maybe you are doing well. You have invested your time and resources in business and business website. And you want more. Your desire is to reach the highest point of success. It completely depends that how appealing your websites are to your customers or how effectively you are continuously engaging them. The more you are able to understand your audience the more likely you reach your goals. Here comes the importance of Web Analytics Companies and their services. We are the natives of a high-end competitive business environment. So many businesses are targeting the same audience and their preferences. Digital Corsel is the finest Digital Analytics Consultancy Company in Bangalore, India. Our excellent analyst team not only help you to get a complete idea on visitors behavior but also lead your way towards making the best marketing strategy to reach your audience.

What is Web Analytics? How does it work?

Web Analytics is a measurement tool to catch traffic records and make reports on the visitor’s behaviour on your website. Google Analytics is the most acknowledged tool which helps the businesses to access web analytics services. It’s a free tool. Anyone having a website can utilize this tool. It is not actually an easy task to control and observe such a bulk amount of data and analyse. You need the help of digital experts.
In Digital Corsel you need not worry about anything. Just be with us. We will make it easy for you.


Every single visitor comes to your website from any possible sources fall under the measurement of Google Analytics. How many people are visiting your website? Where do they belong? What are they looking for on your website? What they liked and disliked in your websites? Web Analytics gives a complete access to every data coming to your website. We connect your business website to Google analytics. We observe, preserve and extract important data for you. Data is everything. Out expert analysts understand how to utilize data for successful business.


On the basis of the report, we analyse the report while at the same time connecting them with your business philosophy. We will know by this report how to modify your online business strategy to attract massive and relevant audiences.


After measuring and extracting we develop reports on your website data. This gives you an insight into your digital presence and enlarges your room for introspection. We analyze web analytic reports harmoniously with your business goals and objectives.


We help you optimize your website contents, product or service presentation, online marketing strategies on the basis of web analytics report. It will surely boost your business and enable you to get more conversations.

How does Digital boost your business?

In Digital Corsel, we leave no stones unturned while supporting your web analytics needs. You can reach us at a convenient time. We assure you will never regret.

  • We work as a concrete Site Audience guide. (Visits, New Vs returning, average time on site)
  • We capture Traffic Sources for your website. (Campaigns, direct, referring sites, organic search)
  • We categorize site contents for your website. (Top landing pages, top exit pages, time on page, bounce rate, on-site search keywords)