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Digital Marketing for Political Campaign in India


Have you ever heard of anything like this? What are the things come to your mind with this title ‘Digital Marketing for Political Campaign in Indian’? You know that businesses use digital marketing strategies to reach their customers and to sell their products and services. They use Google Ad words campaign, SEO Strategies, keyword-based contents, email marketing, mobile marketing everything to deliver their vision to consumers. Digital marketing strategies have broadened the area of consumer preferences. Consumers have become conscious than ever before. Businesses tend to individualize their products and services to give them a separate look from other brands. And in order to do so, they generate a strong awareness among the consumers. While digital marketing is revitalizing the economy and purchasing preferences of your nation, how come they leave the political landscape untouched? Digital Marketing does have a strong base in political campaigning. We understand that it may sound a little bit odd to you. If you are not a digital native person, it may be difficult for you to understand the importance of digital marketing for political campaigning in India. But you can try to understand. It is important to understand. Political education and awareness are mandatory. People take part in the election and select their representatives. They have all the right to know how their government is working, what the positions of another existing are and how we are developing. Digital media is a powerful two-way communication between political parties and mass. The more they will understand each other, the more there will be chances of development.

What is Politics?

Politics can be considered as activities related to the governance of the country or any territory. It also involves the conflicts and movement of different political parties to gain ultimate power. Elections are the most crucial tool of politics. Political parties use different aspects of election to come into power. India is a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. For this reason, the election has a great impact over India political, economic, developmental landscape. Winning political party controls all developmental scenario of a democratic state for a certain period of time.

What is Political Campaign? Why is the necessary?

How would you know about political parties if there are no political campaigns? Political campaigns are nothing but a continuous process of mass engagement. It’s an art of keeping each other updated and informed. Political parties put a huge emphasis on campaigns as they are the most important way that links them to the mass and their needs. You can frequently find their political and social movements in the TV, blogs, facebook etc. You visit them, watch them, see them and gather knowledge. You become politically educated. Political campaigns help you to develop your own political notion. Parties develop their campaigning strategies harmoniously with their goals and objectives. India is a developing country. She is the second largest population of the universe. It is not easy to reach and meet the needs of every community easily. Political campaigns have made it easy both for the parties and for the mass to reach and understand each other. The world has gone beyond newspaper reading and knowing gradually of your political parties doing work.

Role of Social Media in Political Marketing

What is the first thing you do in the morning? According to statistics, many people first check their Facebook status. Economy, military, religion and politics- these are the four most crucial factors influencing the daily affairs of our country. Social media has remarkably changed the influence of these factors all over the mass. You are now directly connected with your favourite political figures in facebook or twitter. You send them birthday wishes, praise their works, and express your complaints directly. They have entered into daily lives. From vegetables to the international seminar, political marketing is everywhere. They keep linking themselves with related things to make their presence impactful.

What is Digital Corsel?

Digital Corsel is the best digital marketing company based in Bangalore. We are high spirited and digitally proactive. We hold an excellent team of digital professionals who have already made a remarkable contribution to the digital industry. Along with supporting businesses digitally, we also possess a very strong grip on political marketing. We believe in the potentials of Indian political parties. A strong political base can set the foundation of a developed and sustainable India. Digital concrete is able to make a politically sound India. And Digital Corsel works for this spirit.

How does Digital Corsel support political marketing?

People nowadays have become more concerned with their political preferences. They spend more time than ever before in polarising their political notions and choices. Some days before, political campaigns are seen only in news, newspapers and local referrals. But today you can find them everywhere. They are very much present and alive in social media networks. Digital native politicians are taking privileges of social media presence. Political leaders, party workers, party followers use their social media accounts to keep the mass awareness of their movement and future initiatives.
Digital Corsel plays significant role in taking responsibilities of the digital presence of the political parties and candidates. We create political contents, generate blogs, and upload contents in all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.,. We make the mass praise and criticise on political contents. Digital Corsel understands the importance of political education. It is necessary that people read, learn daily political affairs. Political thinking facilitates political education. We work tirelessly to make the digital presence of the political parties alive and transparent.

What are mission of Digital Corsel in the field of political marketing?

Our political missions are as follows-

To create a strong and sustainable digital base for political clients
To keep political marketing ethical, transparent and productive
To promote the power of democracy and election
To generate mass awareness on International politics, economy and sustainability
To strengthen the status of digital marketing in the political scenario